1 Grassfed Freezer Beef Deposit
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Freezer beef may be ordered by the quarter, half or whole beef.  Just choose the portion you wish to order "quarter beef", "half beef", or "whole beef".  WE DO NOT SHIP FREEZER BEEF it must be picked up in Brook, Indiana.  A quarter beef is a split half.  In other words, you get half of the half rather than a front or hind quarter.  Our price is $4.00 per pound on the hanging/carcass weight plus processing fee.  Total out of pocket expense will be approximately $700 per quarter purchased.  When ordering freezer beef you will pay a $100 deposit.  We will email you and let you know the date your beef will be taken in for processing.  It takes about 3 weeks processing time until you pickup your beef.  We will email you the weight and balance due during that time.  Once we receive payment on your balance due, your meat will be released for pickup.  Processing fees of approximately $85 per quarter will be paid by you directly to the processor upon pickup.

As a general rule, you will get the following cuts from a quarter beef:

6 T-bones or 3 filets and 6 NY stip steaks

5 Ribeye steaks

4 Sirloin steaks

7 pounds of Round steak (may be cubed) or roast

4 pound Rump roast

3 Chuck roasts

2 Swiss or Arm roasts

2 packages Short Ribs

4 packages Boiling Beef

Hamburger bulk or patties depends upon how much left over meat goes into it.  Total beef weight is an average of 130 pounds per quarter.

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1 Grassfed Freezer Beef Deposit

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